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There selected references in the Samhita are found in the Rig Veda, (I.152.2 & IV.22.2.) which relate to the four-petals of the Muladhara Chakra as it’s power of primal awakening stage of the Kundalini in the base of the spine.

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It also shows that such great Yogis take their semen inwards and use it for spiritual purposes, by taking it to the Crown Chakra, where it becomes Soma, Celestial Elixir, rather than used for mundane and such or sexual pleasures alone, absed on lust and ego, represented again by Indra’s nemesis, Vritra in the Vedas, and also shows how and why Vritra must be destroyed, or rather, transformed.

Now that we have shown some aspects of how the Vedic verses have been unlocked in a more Yogic fashion, we can see some of the hymns ourselves from the Rig Veda and note their esoteric nature, relating to inner Tantric Yoga: This is the offering of the Ego in Yoga, or its surrender, and the transformation from the mind-body complex into the higher Indra-Shiva complex, or that of the Self or Soul which lies beyond the identification of the mind, body and such mundane creations or manifestations, which in Yoga and Vedanta, are seen as but mere illusions or hallucinations along the path, as impediments.‘He is known as the Powerful one, the divine Friend, the Encompassor and the Indestructible One, and he is the celestial fine-winged Solar-eagle.

Vedic Indra is the deity of the Muladhara Chakra or the root and base Chakra in Tantric-Yoga, and in the Rig Veda, holds the Four-edged Vajra, which is the Four-petalled Muladhara-Chakra in Tantric Yoga of later times representing this.

By silencing the Mind, the Yogi then silences his Speech and hence becomes a Muni (Silent Seer), by practising Mauna (silence). IV.18 of Rig Veda explains this, and hence it’s true meaning.

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all relates to the Swadhishthana Chakra and hence Vritra as the ‘watery beast’ and hence the ‘Waters’ are released are the powers of this Chakra and thus frees all other waters or awakens all other chakras after this – but the primal stage occurs in the root or base Muladhara) Chakra, which Indra must first pierce, open, awaken or destroy as the mind-body., the Divine Seminal Fluid, which is transformed to Soma in the Crown Chakra, when it is taken up the Sushumna, the middle-current in Yoga representing the subtle channel in the spine, through which one accesses higher powers, and through which the That Shukra and Soma are both the drinks of Indra shows of the Yogic nature of this deity also, as also the Tantric connection to the two substances as two sides of the same coin.

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