Dating acronyms

“This means bring on the kink and start to try a new position, toys, and it can include talking dirty to your partner during sex, and more,” she explains.

What is one of the most important qualities of a lasting relationship?

While simply asking for someone’s age, sex and location was enough to strike up a conversation on Insta Messenger, modern dating involves plenty of abbreviations, all designed to help you weed through endless matches.

Though in theory it’s supposed to make searching, matching and mating easier, it can be a hindrance if you’re not schooled on the latest-and-greatest lingo.

Not to be confused with DTF (down to f*ck) — this one is a little softer.

It stands for down to Earth, which as you may gather, is a way to describe yourself as low-maintenance.

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Unmatch them, lose their number, and walk away with your head held high,” she shares.

There are a few things this can represent, with the most obvious being ‘White’.

Spira says you can also respond to someone who is being rude online with VBD, even if you’ve never met him or her.

“A very bad date can set you back, but let that just be temporarily, because meeting someone who is a VBD means you just dodged a bullet.

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There is likely an app for those singles that no one has access to unless you’re among them, but for the rest of us, NSA stands for No Strings Attached.

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