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He said that when he was made president, no one had held him down, but no one had helped him up, either.Instead, he’d had to “take himself by the bootstraps” in order to be successful. So, most of the time it’s more subtle, rather than really direct and “in your face”? T.: [] Yes; as I said, it all depends on your environment. [incomplete statement] I once went to this birthday party at a bar and they (the people) were all homegrown (white). We were having a good time in this redneck/biker bar when I got up to get a beer.

The full transcription (unedited) is below if you prefer to read, or click play on the video to watch. T.’s Boot Camp] Eddy: [] You mentioned your first student was harassed by neo-Nazis. Why would that be, particularly, in the Asian-American community? T.: [] There are a lot of factors at play: One is that we’re considered easy pickings (easy targets); another may be our body language.We’re also very clannish and, because we’re the offspring of immigrants, we have a tendency to be quiet and not shake the boat. (I certainly suffered a lot of bullying when I was growing up.) I think there was a year-long study of 100 Philipino men which showed that, over the course of that year, 99% of them (all but one) had been bullied. I mean, not every Asian man will experience it, but it is pretty prevalent.Eddy: I think it’s something that’s pretty hard for a lot of people to comprehend if they haven’t been exposed to racism directly. Eddy: If you’re a black person or a person of another race, like Asian… Eddy: It was wrong on so many levels and I was left dumbfounded. In Texas, as you can imagine, kids are little, dirty, rotten bastards. I’ve encountered that quite a bit, certainly, and when you’re in the workforce, those sort-of racist acts are something I would call “the bamboo ceiling” where your advancement is (sort of) held back because of who and what you are. Without the ABCs, it had been like this kid got fit with a pair of shoes for an eight-year-old and told to wear that same pair for life. I couldn’t get a date “for the life of me”, so I started studying pick up and, later on, I created the Asian Playboy blog (because, I thought, “Okay, what am I? (There’s no such thing.) It flew in the face of all these stereotypes and there’s just been this massive following until one day, when this Chinese-Canadian mother called me to help out her son. I told her, “For three days and three nights I’m going to be the big brother he never had.” and that’s how I came up with the ABCs of Attraction. He didn’t really have a lot of friends, either, so I needed to make something very simple, yet well-rounded enough for it to grow with him; something he could comprehend at age 18, as well as later on.

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(Not that they shouldn’t learn to interact: they should, just so they can master the different skills sets that indirect offers, but we don’t speak the language.) [] When it’s your second language, confidence is what speaks, regardless of the country you’re from: whether it’s Asia, Europe or Australia, everybody understands body language. For the Asian-American with a lot of limiting beliefs, what’s going to happen when he goes up to a white girl and says, “I think you’re beautiful”? (I remember having Matador corner me in the lobby when I had two Asian students and they asked, “Why the fuck you give these openers? China being colonized by Britain; and Viet Nam by France, and so on and so forth, where you kind of have this established hierarchy, where white is at [the] top. Eddy: So I might say, “Oh, my little Asian girlfriend…[inaudible as J. Given your basic advice about going out and saying, “hi” to people, this is the same kind of advice I give my students, as well. Eddy: Or starting a conversation with a store clerk. That it takes 28 daily repetitions for a muscle memory link to be formed. / end / [] I'm the founder of Conquer & Win, and since 2011 I've been helping guys get into great relationships, build their core values as men, and become confident.

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