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The Bible supports the idea of limiting togetherness for the sake of binding evil.Time off from a person or a project can be a way to regain ownership over some out-of-control aspect of your life where boundaries need to be set.They guard our treasures so people will not steal them. He defines and takes responsibility for His personality by telling us what He thinks, feels, plans, allows, will not allow, likes, and dislikes.(Saying no to premarital sex so no one takes one’s virginity, which is a treasure.) Sometimes we have bad on the inside and good on the outside. Bad inside: I need to open up to confess sin and pain so I can be forgiven and healed. He defines Himself as separate from His creation and from us. He confronts sin and allows consequences for behavior. Boundaries are anything that helps to differentiate you from someone else, and show where you begin and end. Victims of physical and sexual abuse often have poor boundaries because they were violated.As a result, they have trouble establishing boundaries later in life. Being clear about your no—and your yes—is a theme that runs throughout the Bible. The Bible says we are to confront people we love saying, “No, that behavior is not okay.I will not participate in that.” The word NO is also important in setting limits on abuse.

Boundaries are like fences to keep the good in and the bad out. God defines Himself as a distinct, separate being, and He is responsible for Himself.They let people know the seriousness of the trespass and the seriousness of our respect for ourselves. 38-39 Good Samaritan Story You feel your feelings, and they are yours, and you have the right to feel what you feel. To rescue people from the natural consequences of their behavior is to render them powerless and keeps them immature. He sets standards, but He lets people be who they are and then separates Himself from them when they misbehave: “You can be that way if you choose, but you cannot come into My house.” God limits His exposure to evil, unrepentant people, and so should we.Feelings are like the light on a car’s dashboard: they tell us that something needs attention. Parenting with love and limits, with warmth and consequences, produces confident children who have a sense of control over their lives. The Bible says to separate ourselves from people who act in destructive ways. Separating ourselves protects love, because we are taking a stand against things that destroy love.Biblical principle: trespassing on other people’s property carries consequences.Just as the Bible sets consequences for certain behaviors, we need to back up our boundaries with consequences. “I had no other choice.” Oh yes you did, but you didn’t like the other choices.

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