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But because values change in duration and intensity over time, the spotless house you once valued might take a back seat after having two or three children. On a side note, I think its helpful to point out the obvious fact that just because we value something or find it “worthy”, doesn’t mean God does.It is normal and healthy, at any given point in time, to be moving toward or away certain values (a.k.a. Throughout any dating relationship, therefore, the values we hold (or those in process) will create internal and external decisions that will guide you into into saying “yes” to some people and “no” to others, “yes” to some behaviors and “no” to other behaviors.There were several nuggets of truth in there, but the lack of a narrative made it more of an encyclopedia of dating anecdotes and maxims than a deeper theology of self and relationships At the same time, if you need a good Dating 101 book, or are tired of making all the wrong relationship choices, or if you are new to Christian dating, then I recommend it.There’s certainly a lot of practical advice that reminds you not to date anyone too weird, or any weirder than you at least.I believe the authors had to stick with the “boundaries” theme because of its past popularity in their previous works.Whatever the reasoning, the book was really about values in dating.

But that’s not all bad because they have their Ph D’s which is assuring to me.

Once in a relationship, good boundaries would be used to protect your level emotional attachment and sexual intimacy, and guard against any number of potential mates with “red flag” character flaws such lying, immaturity, outbursts, etc.

The authors also discussed the topic of engaging in healthy conflict, and normalized it, to my liking.

If this was true, then the title would be extremely boring and no one would buy it except Puritans.

Or, people would think the book was really just filled with coupons and tips to save money while dating.

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  1. Despite the wealth of digital tools that allow people to search for potential partners, and even as one-in-ten Americans are now using one of the many online dating platforms, the vast majority of relationships still begin offline.