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You will gain greater awareness of yourself and your partner by reading it, and you’ll gain courage and relationship harmony by taking action on the steps outlined throughout the book.You will also begin to understand your core-level emotions from an entirely new, and less judgmental or resistance-based vantage point.One of the best overall primers on healthy relationships, written in a semi-hippy-ish way that reads as half poetic truisms and half no-bullshit advice on the healthiest possible relationship mindset you could have throughout your life. Figure out what you want in a partner and only settle for that.All healthy relationships take genuine effort through action.Some of them primarily help you with your relationship to yourself (#’s 1, 2, and 3), and others primarily help you with your relationship to your partner (#’s 2, 4 & 5).

and likely feed them some of your amazing, abundant food. if you were starving and had no such magical kitchen, then this deal would seem appealing to you. So everything in life starts with us finding a genuine, wholeheartedly accepting love of ourselves. Read the full passage, or just pick up the book and let Ruiz’s words wash over you. “You have a limit to the amount of abuse you will accept, but no one in the whole world abuses you more than you abuse yourself.

It’s the most dry in the way that it’s presented compared to the other four books in this list, but it’s so totally worth it.

Self-esteem is not something that you achieve, it is an ongoing practice.

There is some dense and elegant wisdom in this little book that you can read in a day or two.

The world tells you to get in shape, become rich, and improve your external circumstances in order to convince someone to love you…

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