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There are plenty more bumps in the road, but I’m at peace with the life-changing event, and the now-I-can-see-this-is-better reflection of these past years. Honest feelings I have been a single-parent for eight years now, and I am finally getting the hang of it.And for those who’ve already been through it, how’d you handle the situation, whether you were the giver or receiver of the news?Did that initial statement/conversation get your process off to a reasonable start, or did it dial up the anger and set a negative tone that lasted the entire process? Did you blame yourself and/or your ex, wallowing in negativity that builds upon itself, feeling depressed, angry, and resentful?Then, when you’re Over 50, it can get additionally complicated.

At a really awful time in your life, when you’re already dealing with all the turmoil and fear and uncertainty, one of the last things you may want is to run into a friend at Starbucks who asks, “So what’s new?Being great parents is a stretch goal for all of us.In these pages I will bring a hopeful light to bear on hard subjects, and together we (you, me, and my family) will find loving solutions to the new wrinkle of single-parenting. I wish you safety, happiness, health, and an ease of life on your journey.If you’re going through a DO50, you’ll see that your feelings are not unique.You’ll be able to learn from the experiences of others — their successes and their failures.

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