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Poppy and Branch set out to rescue the captured Trolls.

They managed to save all but Creek, whom they thought was eaten by King Gristle Jr., but later saw him trapped in a gem. Just then, Chef appeared and trapped them, and Creek was revealed to have betrayed his fellow Trolls to save himself from being eaten after being strangled by Branch.

Chef then betrays Creek by trying to eat him, but before this can happen, both are eaten alive by a hill monster.

Creek tells Poppy that he wished that there was another way to avoid getting eaten, but there isn't and he will have to live with his choice for the rest of his life and that the princess and her friends should with a clear mind know what was about to happen.Asian Wiki editor Ki Mun was there and transcribed/translated the session. I live in Orlando Florida and just got the Asian Crush channel on my TV and it's all I watch now. In just the past couple of weeks I've enjoyed watching many wonderful Asian films. I truly love them and I believe East Asian women are the most beautiful in the world. It similarly tugged at me and while Always made me feel warm the entire time, Remember You made me cry, fair warning!! especially because HAN HYOO JOO is in it..she's my fav korean actress.. Every directors, actors and actress think differently..example the orginal director, actors and actress direct and acted accordingly to the scrib of the movie but it turn not so good..what then new director and actors.actress try their ways of directing and acting for that original movies then what happened it was it was a sucess.the original Robin Hood...I'm a 63 year old white American male and I hate, hate, HATE American culture today. Can anybody please help me with identifying a song - a concern duet song from a scene of movie : Always ( only you) ... I've watched this for so many times already and i still do cry whenever i rewatched it especially at the ending scene where hyoo joo is running down the street looking for cheol-min then cry out loud when she could'nt find him! If Robin Hood was to be played in Bollywood directed by Indian Director, And Indian Actor/Actress you think what will happened...As Branch throws a small fit and stomps away, Creek tells Poppy to not let his negative vibrations affect her, and playfully boops her nose.During the lit party, Creek throws a sparkling glitter ball.

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