Best nerd dating site ashley greene admits to dating jackson

There’s nothing more romantic than nerding out about our amazing universe.

Hiking and picnic Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥♥ Your hike can be as long or as short as you need it to be. Driving range, batting cage, firing range, or archery: Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲-▲▲ Fit: ♥-♥♥ Learning or simply doing a skill based activity makes for great discussion and connection.

Do an informal (or formal, if you’ve got one) walking tour of your town. Cost: $ Nerd: ▲▲ Fit: ♥♥ It’s easy, creates a great conversation opportunity, and is incredibly cheap!

Hit golf balls at the driving range Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥ This low key activity gets you out and doing , while giving you an opportunity to easily chat up your date!

We’ve ranked each date idea on a scale from 1-3 on nerdiness, fit factor, and cost. Swing dance lessons Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ I promise that learning to swing dance is a lot easier than it looks.

When we hosted swing dancing lessons for the Level Up Your Life book tour, everyone overcame initial hesitations quickly and had a TON of fun!

I may not appear that way publicly, but my computer is my life, and outside of that, I’m almost like an alter ego of myself when I’m away from it.

For that reason, it’s only proper that my inner dork talks to you fellow geeks about dating sites for nerds like us!

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