Bbc dating experiment

Tonight's film examines his inventiveness, its sources and its products.

Mystery still surrounds the killer disease of coronary thrombosis.

This year America plans to launch an observatory into space to map the universe and try to discover clues to the creation of stars.

There are other plans for a new giant telescope to be financed by Britain and Australia.

Is this the sort of place we should set up in Britain? Astronomy has come a long way since Isaac Newton saw an apple fall 298 years ago and formulated the law of universal gravitation.

"The Great Computer Scandal: A report on the state of big research computers.

H-Bomb Detectors: Sir Edward Bullard, tells how British scientists have developed a nuclear explosion detector which has changed the political and international outlook for nuclear test controls.

"Facts are the air of science," declared the famous Russian physiologist Pavlov. Horizon went to the biggest laboratory of its kind in the Commonwealth, the National Institute for Medical Research, to meet the Director of the laboratory, Dr. The output of scientific knowledge doubles every thirty years.

Laboratories are where most of the facts are gathered. Can this incredible rate of growth continue indefinitely?

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