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He talks about that were knit together in our mother’s womb, every one of us. Think about that we’re fearfully and wonderfully made. And today you’ll hear more about Elisa’s recent book, I honestly think that the answer to why is kind of complex. Um, one is we’re fallen beings, we’re fallen creatures. But I think many struggle with the external, as well. I’d like to define beauty as really containing five elements, not just one. Now I hope immediately, people’s brains are going, what, what, what? And maybe women, more often than not, take almost too much responsibility… You think about a square box of Kleenex that you can pull out one little tissue and the next one pops up. How did they say, OK, Father in heaven, even though I had a terrible father here, a terrible whatever, how do they open those scars up once again and allow God to heal them of those wounds? And I think about John , where Jesus says, “I’ve come to give you life and life to the full.” That’s why he came – to give us life – more than we can even imagine, is what Eugene Peterson suggests in. And what’s stunning is when you look at the first part of that verse, John , it says the thief has come to steal and kill and destroy. Popular Christian vocalist Larnelle Harris reflects on his five-decade music career, sharing the valuable life lessons he’s learned about putting his family first, allowing God to redeem a troubled past, recognizing those who’ve sacrificed for his benefit, and faithfully adhering to biblical principles amidst all the opportunities that have come his way.I mean, back in the Garden, in Genesis, God created man and woman. And I love how she talks about what we call the Fall. And I really want to address that to help those who are tripping on it. And you’re mentioning one, and it’s a super important one. But they’re also going, whoa, that is a lot more than just what we look like, physically. (Laughter) I mean, it – there’s a – I don’t know if it’s ego, or but there – have you observed that? It’s actually not all bad for a woman who looks at her own heart first. I mean, that’s what we do when we encounter – shouldn’t we just say sin? It’s not just that I did sin, and I made a list about it. …And can’t get out from underneath the weight of our errors. Or you think about a toothpaste tube, where you can neatly squirt a line of toothpaste onto your toothbrush. And their purpose is to give us access to what they contain. The hissy thief has come to steal and kill and destroy. So, Jim, to – round about to answer that question, I look at my life and the things that have hurt me, things in my first family and goodness in my second family. And I know that those scars actually become part of my offering of beauty.

if you don't really know the answer then why would you make up something to write. if you don't really know the answer then why would you make up something to write. Since you have only been dating for a month, I think that you should give him something that you both can do together.

She is co-host of the nationally-syndicated radio program Discover the Word and President Emerita of MOPS International, a ministry dedicated to meeting the needs of moms.

Author and speaker Elisa Morgan explains why many women struggle with having an "ugly list" about themselves, feeling that they aren't beautiful or smart enough, that they're full of flaws and unloveable. I’m actually a little bit afraid of all the full that it might include if I let myself go for it.

He might be feeling guilty about something that would make him think that would help, but if the girlfriend does sleep with other people, he'll get upset or mad. Big difference, Synthetic, generally refers to the thing itself being Synthetic, rather then Natural, whereas Man Made, refers to the process.

Just because something is Man Made, does not by necessity make it Synthetic, look at all the man made…

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Go play in the snow with him, Make a snow man or something.

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