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It's about a relationship I had had, but I wanted it to be broad enough that you didn't have to be in the same situation as me to relate to it." Quin, who describes herself as queer, also explained a standout from titled "BWU" and sang as "Be With You." When asked whether the song was "anti-marriage," the artist laughed, saying it was instead an "anti-wedding song." "It's another example of me attempting to write a song that's supposed to be a sweet pop song but ends up darker, like 'Boyfriend,'" she said."'Be With You' is interesting because Tegan and I were such big advocates of the same-sex marriage movement in the United States and in Canada.

Our musical director suggested doing it on piano, and it really transports me back to the first few times we played it live.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Quin explained the first single from the album -- which has been called "mature" from a critic at The Verge -- "Boyfriend," was inspired by one of her past relationships. It's about the early days of dating someone where you really like them and you want to make it official," the 35-year-old twin said.

"But you have that fear that you're going to be rejected.

It feels very emotional — lots of tears in the front row.

I have to kind of not look because it makes me very sensitive.

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