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Chance confirmed Wednesday he was tying the knot over the weekend in a Twitter thread about how he met Corley.

He said the two met in 2003 when he was 9 at his mom's office party.

On the reality TV show Real Chance at Love, Hot Wings was the winner for Chance.

She said in an interview that after the show was over, he never bothered to contact her and they never actually became a couple.

” They fought, and Tango walked off, saying, “That’s a wrap! ”But reading it doesn’t really do any of this drama justice; just watch it, and fear for our future.

The question on a lot of people’s minds is whether or not the couples are still together.Though he was nudged by his dad to show off his dance movies, Chance declined reasoning: "It's cause I knew I was gonna marry that girl. "So I shook my head with anxiety, moved to the back of the crowd and never even introduced myself," he continued. They began dating in 2013, People magazine and Billboard report."16 years later it's happening This (weekend) is the time, and the place is my wedding. Chance's brother, hip hop artist Taylor Bennett, announced the good news on Instagram. USA TODAY has reached out to Chance's rep for comment about his they are not together anymore, they never contacted them after the show.and was in talks of a season 3 lol that's jacked up but don't try to find love with a guy that needs 15 women to pick from....

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The bride wore a strapless ballgown with structured bodice.

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