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When they were finally caught, they were sent to Krems, Austria, and imprisoned at Stalag 17-B, which later would serve as the setting for the 1953 movie Stalag 17 and the 1960s television comedy .Ellen corresponded with Lloyd the entire time he was imprisoned, until he was freed more than a year later when the Allies entered Austria.Just 15 years old when the war started in Europe, Annette had spent two years in hiding with her Jewish family during the German occupation of France and then had worked with the French Resistance.The liberation of Europe was a kind of liberation for her as well.Ellen joined a million other English, European, and Asian women who married US servicemen. Precise totals are hard to determine, but between the years 19, about one million American soldiers married foreign women from 50 different countries.As many as 100,000 war brides were British, 150,000 to 200,000 hailed from continental Europe, and another 16,000 came from Australia and New Zealand. Military estimates indicate that 50,000 to 100,000 servicemen wed women from countries of the Far East, including Japan, and immigration records show that by 1950, 14,175 German brides of American servicemen had entered the United States."He asked my parents if he could marry me and my father said, ‘Talk to the boss,’ meaning my mother.My mother said, ‘I married who I wanted.’ And that was that." Ellen and Lloyd married June 16, 1945, in London.

Throw in the food, chocolate, cigarettes, and stockings the soldiers shared with the destitute citizens, and it’s easy to see why so many young women gladly pledged their troth to them. Although many British women who dated American servicemen were branded as traitors to their own countrymen, Ellen’s parents felt otherwise.

Back home, too, some American civilians decried the trend.

There were those who defended the soldiers’ right to marry whomever they wished, but others–especially single American women–were distressed at the idea of all those US troops bringing home foreign brides.

The US military actively discouraged servicemen from marrying, believing family responsibilities would be a distraction.

In fact, the military imposed many restrictions on marriages between servicemen and foreign women, mostly in vain.

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Their decisions often came down to proximity, opportunity, and generosity, or some combination of the three.

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