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( Telstra had this problem as well in recent weeks, now it seems to have hit optus mobile numbers as well) *edit* incase a rep wants more info, link contained in sms as well which leads to no where.

Increasingly we are finding that the person paying the bill is not aware of the usage generated by a friend or family member with access to the same account.We double checked the SMS you were sent and the reason why your link doesn't work is due to the fact that you've entered the wrong URL and you can only access the link on your mobile browser.The correct one to use on your mobile browser is Jack.If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] call us at 800.235.437.Sincerely, Karen Manager, air G Customer Care Posted on an Australian forum! I love how Premium SMS companies hide behind their Terms & Conditions.

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How can the legal lessee of a service be charged and "accept" the terms and conditions when someone else accepted them on their behalf.

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