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Additionally, to learn more about Esmailli’s work, visit her Twitter or her portfolio site. ◆Princess Closet will give you your Super Happy Ending for free-A dating sim for girls where you can enjoy the love story without paying! -A game for girls who want to play otome games without spending any money! Invited by a member of the popular fashion brand "Princess Closet," you have been transformed into a "fashion model."Work together with the ultimate handsome boyfriend towards becoming a top model! is the beginning of a romance that will change your life! Their voices will draw you deeper into this world This romance game includes an extravagant cast of voices actors for the four handsome male leads.Then new fearless personal projects like this sprout and take my breath away.Congrats on the KS launch @Karlee Esmailli and team! I love indie games, and my favorite types of games include RPGs, visual novels, and action/adventure.

Esmailli explains, “The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator is a satire about this American perception.

-If you like popular dating sims for girls that are free.-If you don't mind dating sims that contain boys love.-If you are looking for otome games where you are surrounded by handsome guys.-If you want to find your perfect husband, boyfriend, or lover in the ultimate otome game.-If you are looking for someone to marry who is handsome, a celebrity, an heir, prince, charismatic, or rich.-If you like otome games as well as comics, manga, anime, or BL.-If you have a husband, boyfriend, or lover, but you want to find someone who is more perfect for you.-If you love romance dramas and are looking for romance apps.●Supported language English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese●Basic Information-Free installation-Free basic play●Warning-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.●Terms of service really love this game!

I don’t really play otome games and this was actually one of the first I downloaded and loved. V9skkq O — Jane Ng (@that Jane Ng) July 24, 2018 While you might be laughing as you read this article and while Esmailli hopes that you do laugh while playing the game, she also explains in the Kickstarter video that she wants players to understand a few important messages.

“I hope players walk away from this game reminded that ISIS is not representative of Islam, and that ISIS f***ing sucks,” she states, “and reminded that not all women orgasm from penetrative sex.” In conclusion: “If you like satire, or clitorises, or telling ISIS to go f**k themselves, then feel free to back this campaign.” To learn more about the game, visit the game’s Kickstarter.

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