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She told me how I'd gone from lucid to a rag doll within minutes.When she'd tried to talk to me I was completely unresponsive and had then begun vomiting, still unable to speak.In the midst of the dark, heaving beach it's easy for groups to become fragmented, and the drugs often result in complete memory loss.

"I was in a group of five about to join 30,000 other travellers at the Full Moon Party in Thailand – the biggest beach party in the world.

But back in January 2013, the parties hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Stephen Ashton, a 22-year-old British tourist, was dancing on the beach with friends at the New Year Full Moon Party when he was killed by a stray bullet fired during a battle between two local gangs.

He attended numerous Full Moon Parties for research and was given permission to trail the British Honorary Consul.

"The morning after one of the parties, the phone rang off the hook at the British Consulate," he recalls.

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"Some things aren't reported at all," he says, "but when you live here you hear about incidents all the time – road accidents, drownings, rapes, thefts…

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