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Then Mrs Howard said “you know Ellie, I think this time I’ll get undressed as well.

Just for a change.” Ellie watched as Mrs Howard removed her short sleeved black blouse and unclipped her bra, and as the bra slipped down her arms Ellie smiled at the sight of Mrs Howard’s womanly breasts.

The small bottom soon turned pink and then red, the 16 years old eyes soon filled with tears that ran down her cheeks, and the youngster forgot she was lying across bare thighs as the pain took over. She spanked her bottom with one hand whilst stroking her back with the other, moving her hand around to her front and covering the 16 year olds breast, caressing it, squeezing her nipple for her own enjoyment as she continued to thrash the teenager, inflicting the pain, disciplining her.

Ellie became unaware through the pain that her breast was being caressed and stretched her arms out straight so she didn’t hinder Mrs Howard’s hand, but the pain was greater than the tender feel of her hand.

Mrs Howard put the strap down when she decided Ellie had indeed had enough. The reddened bottom stared up from her lap, her hands wandered around Ellie’s bottom, her legs, her inner thighs, and between her legs.

Ellie cried out “it hurts Mum.” “It’s supposed to” her Mother replied and gave her six more spanks. I will spend an hour or so dealing with Ellie and then you and I will have a little heart to heart. A downcast Marsha nodded and said quietly “yes Mrs Howard.” “And Marsha, if you come upstairs to listen I will be really cross. ” “Oh yes Mrs Howard, I won’t interfere at all.” “Good.” Mrs Howard watched as Marsha started to clean the oven before going upstairs. Ellie walked over to Mrs Howard and stood in front of her, not scared even though she knew she would be spanked very hard. “You understand this will be a discipline spanking as well young lady.” “Will there be anything else Mrs Howard? “Yes of course girl, don’t be dim on purpose” she snapped, then added “I do so enjoy the afters Ellie when you give me a present for disciplining you.” Ellie was delighted.

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