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Now she's crying alot, and I think it's sinking in how bad she fucked up.I'm still sick, so trying to get better as well now, but this isn't going to help.I've never had an issue before with this, and even have encouraged her because I think it's good to interact with people with similar interests.So, long story short she's been communicating with one guy in particular alot lately, chatting on her i Pad with him in some online based chat program... I got on her i Pad this morning to play a game and I clicked the home button twice instead of once after playing....Update 3: Think it finally hit her that she really fucked up, and that this isn't going away...Although who knows it might turn back to a blame game tonight.she then started trying to turn it on me which I shut down immediately.

Oh my God, I’ve completely forgotten that the man was not alone then!

I am going to confront her in a little while and see how she responds.

I was up most of the night sick, but finally fell asleep around 4.

She's still asleep now and I'm using this time to gather my thoughts.

I did look at the i Pad again, and lo and behold more dick pics from a few weeks ago.... I was very calm, explained how I found the images and asked her wtf.

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