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Or you and wife celebrate the date that yall made it to 6 months dating?Who the **** celebrates more than one Anniversary, yea maybe the anniversary of when you started dating and a marriage celebration. Write down 6 things you love about her and then put each in an envelope with one of the months you've been married on it. Ladies eat that stuff up and you can do it for free. Don't like smart a** comments, unless they're funny, then I rep them. Refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. -Send flowers to her work -Buy her a pair of earrings..could get her a decent pair of mikimoto pearls for 0. She is probably expecting a night out at a fancy steakhouse, followed by a VIP table at the hottest club, followed by having sex except the guy in her fantasy is way hotter than you.If wanting to be very romantic, include a time and location for your 'date' in the card with the flowers. Go to restaurant and actually tell her what you would've written in those cards. just so beautiful." End evening with something special in a little tiny box. TL; DR: Take that lady to a restaurant and give her stuff. Pandora Bracelet, the good one, not the ****ty one, will run you a Hundred Bucks for the silver one.Hold one hand and look at her and tell her you wanted to spoil her tonight, and all that good lovey-dovey stuff. Then buy one charm which can be 30-1000 dollars (I reccommend the 60 bucks one for now) and say here is the first but not last charm of our relationship.Fast-foward a week or two to our first date, which was a day full of activities.First we went for sushi and stuffed our faces while talking about anything and everything, and I just remember from the beginning it was just so easy to talk to you and it's one of the many things I love about you.

Both have been absolutely incredible, so I figured I would look back on them in this little letter to you. After meeting you, talking to you and awkwardly trying to flirt with you, I knew this wasn't the last time we would be talking.To the guys that are dissing the 6 month thing, women love that you remember the special days in a relationship. At least, not publically ;-) A nice dinner date where you both dress up a bit usually wins the ladies over. Buy a charm bracelet (Troll or Pandora brands are good). later, that covers your butt when you don't know what to buy her.I do a little something for my wife on the anniversary days. We like to see our guy dressing up, and an excuse to wear one of our cute dresses. We'll complain about our hair and make-up, but secretly we're like: "Yeah! " Have flowers sent to her work, or bring them to her yourself. It can be something as simple as a charm or a bracelet. Because you can just go and pick out a charm for her bracelet and you'll be in the good books.From the second you found out that I had never been to Disney, you said that you wanted to be the one to take me on my first trip there, and little did we know that it would be happening so soon.Now we're planning our trip together for our one-year and I could not be more excited.

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