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They say American presidents are a realistic composite of the typical American citizen.So now we can come to no other conclusion that our own present president, assisted by the deranged woman who aspires to be our next president, are the true perpetrators of this ghastly deed, through the hired terror group known as ISIS they hired along with the Israelis and the other Middle Eastern monarchies that are all joined at the hip with the Jew killers who control most of the world.But the children are still dead, and we are left to determine who the killers of these innocent victims really were.At this point, most Americans may turn away to vomit and see in the puddle the putrid reflection of their own guilt.Take as a supremely relevant example this image I can’t get out of my mind. And of course the top priority investigation never materialized.

The charge that she improperly handled classified information and should do jail time for it is a convenient cover story to conceal something much darker, something which ties her directly to the government murder of rancher Lavoy Finicum, and implicates dozens if not hundreds of federal, state and local officials in a smorgasbord of crimes against innocent defendants guilty of nothing but defending their First Amendment rights while protesting the jailing of farmers whose land the government is trying to steal.

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OK, there’s not much space in this story to cover all the corpses that can be attributed to these two, so we better get to it.

Hillary is cruising toward the Democratic presidential nomination and presumably will run against billionaire Donald Trump, who is chomping at the bit to further demolish her reputation with many of these same points.

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