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Paul gets angry at Bridget for spending too much money on fashion, and tells her to find a job to learn more about money responsibility. Bridget receives a 40% discount off merchandise for being an employee of the store.

She abuses the discount and overspends and receives no money on her first paycheck.

Cate comes in with the mail which contains Bridget and Kerry's state aptitude test results.

Kerry opens hers first and proudly announces that she got an eighty-eight.

Paul can't use the TV remote control, Cate gives up drinking coffee, Bridget can't talk on the phone, Kerry has to curb her sarcasm, and Rory must stop telling tales on his sisters.

They all try to trick each other into doing their bad habits, but it's not working. Paul wants to have a quiet Thanksgiving with just the family.

Paul, Rory and his friend Sabrina and enter the house after playing basketball. After she leaves, Paul reprimands Rory for teasing Sabrina.

The girls find this amusing and begin to tease Rory about his new girlfriend.

Bridget and Kerry tell Paul that he is overprotective of them and he needs to stop being a "psycho dad" like Nick. Paul decides that he is going to make this Christmas the best one ever.

Paul and Cate come home to find Rory rolled up in a carpet in the living room.

Bridget and Kerry are punished for what they did to their brother.

Cate attends a seminar, while Paul stays home to watching the big Michigan/Ohio State football game.

Bridget is accused of shoplifting at a local drugstore, while Kerry is upset over the treatment of animals during circus shows.

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After realizing that Bridget's date is none other than Travis Smith, AKA "The Rainman" - one of the best high-school basketball point guards in the ...

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